I currently tutor on the creative writing programme at Oxford University, and work 1:1 with writers at all stages of their career. To find out more, write to me at helenlouisejukes@gmail.com.

“Helen is a sensitive, thoughtful critic. She offers innovative solutions without intruding on the author’s own creative process. Helen has helped me with short fiction, novels, and nonfiction writing. She is a wonderful reader and supportive mentor.”

Lecturer in Creative Writing, University of East Anglia

“I feel very lucky to have found Helen Jukes as my writing mentor. She is extremely insightful, and concentrates totally on the task in hand. She knows how to maintain the flow of communication as work progresses, keeps to schedule, and understands writers’ difficulties.”

Mentee, Oxford

“It’s like I’ve been standing in cement, and these classes give me a chance to break through it. I can breathe it all out.”

Workshop participants, Crisis UK