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Summer/Autumn 2018

26th July: Book Launch at Blackwell’s Bookshop, Oxford

28th July: Nature Live Talk at Natural History Museum, London

31st August: Melbourne Writers’ Festival with Tessa Laird

1st September: Melbourne Writers’ Festival with William McInnes

5th September: ABC Conversations, Sydney

7th September: Brisbane Writers Festival with Sally Piper and Bridie Jabour

7th September: Brisbane Writers Festival with Darryl Jones

19th September: Rossiter Books, Monmouth Priory

22nd September: Honeyscribe, Exeter

4th October: Oxford Natural History Museum with Zoe Williams

7th October: Crickhowell Literary Festival

24th November: Medicine Unboxed, Cheltenham


Spring/Summer 2018

1st April: Bookstagram Hay with Anne Brichto, Hay-on-Wye

29th May: Hay Festival with Alys Fowler, Steve Benbow and John Mitchinson

5th – 8th June: Cheltenham Science Festival with the Bee Friendly Trust

16th July: The Wonder Dialogues with Caspar Henderson, Oxford